The TS-Morpheus Conspiracy.

It appears there is a conspiracy taking place and that we now are entangle in its webs.  For a few hours we were one of the two camps that were listed as TS-Morpheus in the Navarro Ephiphany website.

Who or what is TS-Morpheus?  No one, not even those in Operation Essex is sure.

We think this is an interesting story especially since it is unfolding in real time.

Where will this story lead and what will be unveiled?  Maybe this is a mystery that will be solved during Epiphany Night…

Ops -> Counter OPs.

Days ago, our channels were infiltrated by an individual claiming to have an interest in joining our group.   At the time, we did not know that this individual,  OpsAgentSigma, was a member of the NIA assigned to gather intel on our project.

We managed to get his report; however, the file was heavily encrypted.

Unfortunately, shortly after the  report’s decryption and our posting of the intel, we experienced a massive network disturbance which our webmaster believes is related to the decrypted report. 

Camp Storyteller @ Camp Navarro, Magnus 2018!

The Dreaming Magnus is extremely grateful to announce that the Camp Storyteller Portal  Luminance Project (PLP)  has been chosen to represent the Dreamer Archetype at the Camp Navarro Magnus 2018 event!    At Camp Navarro, we will tell Agents’ stories from around the world, creating bonds, and enriching the portal network with all our dreams, hopes, and desires.

Be sure to be part of this unique experience by joining us at Camp Navarro and/or  by sharing your dreams, experiences, or stories with us.

Keep an eye on this website for more information in the coming days and weeks and we hope to see you in the Redwoods this May!

An unfortunate setback.

The Dreaming Magnus is investigating the disturbance that has occured at a secure site which resulted in the destruction of sensitive materials. Fortunately, a percentage of the content has been recovered from various sources…