Your stories. Your dreams. Uplift us.

Have you ever felt that you’ve done something memorable? Have you ever dreamt of a story that uplifted your soul? Have you ever envisioned a tale that has taken your mind afloat? Have you ever felt like a wellspring of inspiration to others around you? Or do you have an anecdote so hilarious that it made all those around you to laugh hysterically?

Imagine casting all those feelings, dreams, and stories into the portal network, and having them flow through interdimensional pathways and upon exotic matter streams into infinite realities. You now have the chance to help those stories, wishes, and dreams become something greater.

The Dreaming Magnus would like you to submit your stories to Camp Storyteller so our Tecthulhu, STORYTELLER, could share them through the portal network, allowing them to be experienced by all agents from our world, and beyond.  You may do this by using the above link, or via social media using the #TellYourIngressStory, #CampStoryteller, and/or #ShareYourIngressStory hashtags.

Let’s dream in a community that thrives together,  acts together, and can help all become so much more than they once were.

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