Camp Storyteller: An Overview

The Camp Storyteller PLP  is a multimedia experience based on the concept “Our stories, our dreams, uplift us.”  The installation consists of an abstract sculpture (the STORYTELLER Tecthulhu), and a dome/rotunda-like structure that will act as a pavilion, which is known as The Well of Dreams.  The aim of our project is to create an experience that get agents from around the world to participate with Camp Storyteller through various activities regardless of whether they are attending Camp Navarro Magnus event.  

Participating agents may submit their own stories, both fictional and biographic, to Camp Storyteller via social media, messaging apps, using the #CampStoryteller and #TellYourIngressStory hashtags, or through a web form.  These stories will be presented at Camp Navarro in written form and/or as part of an audio/video presentation. Additionally, Agents attending Camp Navarro will be encouraged by Camp Storyteller’s Dreaming Magnus to participate in the camp’s various storytelling related activities, including a possible rumored Remote Participation Event hosted by @Relique.  

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