Camp Storyteller’s Tecthulhu, code named “STORYTELLER”, consists of a series of eight luminescent pillars arranged in a spiral, giving the sculpture a visual appearance similar to a flame or crystalline stalagmites.  These pillars will be composed of translucent material and will be internally lit by LEDs.

The pillars will be lit up based on the portal’s level, with the center most pillar only lighting up once the portal reaches level 8. The sculpture’s hue will be dependent on the faction that currently owns the portal and will change between GREEN (Enlightened), BLUE (Resistance), or White (Neutral). Each pillar’s base will pulsate between shades of orange and yellow as if it were a flame since the sculpture, as a whole, represents the flames of inspiration which the Dreaming Magnus hopes to ignite within agents through the stories the Tecthulhu, STORYTELLER, spreads through the portal network and into the various dimensional nodes.

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