Well of Dreams: An Overview

Located towards the center of Camp Storyteller is a rotunda known as the Well of Dreams.  This domed structure will be constructed from bamboo poles and held together by structural rope, metal rods, and beams. The dome’s walls will be formed from translucent material and it will have a wooden floor, both of which will be covered in isolated and glyph sequences. Visually, the Well of Dreams represents a dream catcher that is bulging from the enormity of the dreams it hold within it’s webs.

The Well of Dreams acts as a theatre that agents can enter into to tell their stories or to experience the stories from other agents which are to be pushed into the portal network by the camp’s Tecthulhu, STORYTELLER.  As agents enter into the Well of Dreams, they will pass beneath a dream catcher which is meant to cleanse the agent as with enter the Well’s anomalous space. Within this space, they will notice the faint glow of evanescent lights that will lead them to believe that the dome is internally lit by a combination of LEDs and by videos projected upon the structure’s internal walls and slight billows of XM fog that silently roll along the Well’s floor. At the Well’s heart, there will be a podium holding a book containing the stories that were Collected by the Dreaming Magnus as well as contributions left by agents visiting the camp.

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